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The Dream

The first step towards the realization of your new Custom Home starts with the dream you have long held of living in one. The thoughts you have that say “Someday I will live in a home that looks like this” or “In my next home I am going to include this.” Well, that is where the “Dream Phase” begins. You will want to collect pictures, collect information on certain products, and begin to create a scrapbook of all your ideas that you want included in your new Custom Home. Also, during this phase we will ask you many questions about the way you want to live in your new home and what features will be important to you and your family. The Dream phase is where the real excitement in owning your new Custom “Dream Home” begins.

Conceptual Design

In the “Conceptual Design” phase we begin to take your ideas, pictures, important features, and specific products and begin to put them into a preliminary drawing of a house plan. During this phase we will sit down with you and walk you through the drawings and make changes and modifications until we get to the floorplan that you want. This process may go back and forth multiple times but that is normal when you are creating your brand new Custom “Dream Home”. Once the floorplan is complete we begin to create the exterior design of the home. The approach to designing the exterior look that you want is similar to what took place for the interior floorplan, in that there may be multiple drawings that we modify before you arrive at the one for you. The Conceptual Design phase starts to really build the excitement because now your “Dream Home” has become an actual picture.

Bid Drawings / Specifications

After the Conceptual Design is complete you are now ready to start creating the details of things like the kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, built-ins, and other details throughout the home. During this phase you will also deicide on the types of flooring like hardwood, ceramic, laminate , and carpet. You will also make cabinet, vanity and top selections as well as the colors and wood styles for your cabinets and vanities. Plumbing fixtures, door hardware, door styles, and light fixtures are all a part of this phase as well. At Hoffmaster Homes many of our suppliers have showrooms that you can visit and we will assist you in making informed decisions about the selections you will be making for your new home. This phase of the process continues to build on your excitement because now you are actually able to see and touch many of the products that will be included in your new Custom “Dream Home.”

Creating the Budget

Now that you have created the look of your new Custom “Dream Home” and decided on many of the selections to be included it is time to put all that into a budget. You will do this in order to make sure there are no surprises between what you want to spend and what the real cost turns out to be. We will walk you through the detailed budget so you understand exactly what is included and what your total cost will be. Once again, we don’t want any surprises so we take the time to make sure you understand what you are getting and the cost of turning your “Dream Home” into a reality. For many people this is the part of the process where there might be a bit of anxiousness but, at Hoffmaster Homes we will work with you to make sure you end up with a budget that works for you. By the end of the budget phase you are complete with most of the paperwork part of the process and now you are ready to begin the real fun of starting construction on your new Custom “Dream Home.”


We will begin the construction phase with a “Pre-Construction Meeting” to review your blueprints, specifications, selections, and any change orders one last time before construction starts. This meeting will help clear up any lingering questions and set the stage for a smooth transition into the jobsite activity. The construction phase starts with the digging of the foundation and follows through the major phases of framing, mechanical systems installation, drywall, interior trim, painting, flooring, final finishes, and landscaping. Throughout each of these major phases we will invite you out to walk the home to explain what is taking place and answer any questions you may have about that particular phase of construction. The Construction Phase is so exciting because there is no other industry where you can personally watch the product you are purchasing being built right before your eyes!

Completion / Move-in

The process is nearly complete! At this point you are communicating once again with your lender and preparing them for your closing. The final finishes on your new “Dream Home” are being completed and you will be asked to set aside some time for the Final Walkthrough. This walk through will be used to help educate you on how the products in your home function, how to maintain certain features inside and outside the home, and make a punch list of any items that may need attention. Approximately one week after your Final Walkthrough it is time for the Closing and your actual move-in date. Your newly built Custom “Dream Home” is finally yours and you will look back on this process of turning your dream into a reality as a truly memorable one!

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